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2017/05/18 13:05:48

just gonna add this no idea if its been suggested or whatever but gonna just throw it out there anyway.
Is it possible to get a checkbox option or something for message to mass delete, I don't know about everyone else but my message list is rather long and would take ages to delete as is.
that is all thanks for listening :)

Raven Shadow
Posts: 76

2018/08/14 08:14:42

Yes please I have 13 pages of messages to delete

Dark clouds cloak the night
chilly winds creak gnarled branches,
grasping as bony fingers.

Disturbed Raven squawks
at frightened children - screaming,
then laughing, they throw him treats.

Posts: 1058

2018/09/12 17:43:33

That is something ive been wanting to add in actually.

Programming my days away

What's meant to be must be, we can't fight fate.

Perfecting the game one day at a time.

Panod [~Few~]: I must say that it's an addictive little game you have here Vexx... twice I've been clumsy, got killed with most of my stuff on me, quit the game and the next day I'm back here again...

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