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Unquestionable Future?

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2018/06/22 06:54:47

Unquestionable Future?

I have no idea how to even start this first of all..

Ive sank so much Time, Energy, Money, & Effort into this game. 4.5 Years to be exact if not longer. Ive spent this year alone developing Updates, Deleting Items & skills, & resources ... amongst making images for each item to make the game Better overall. Ive seen nothing but Players get up and leave while doing this. I have no idea what I have done wrong but honestly I've admitting Failure at this point in Game.

Ive done nothing but advertise the living shit out of this game lately which should have lead to Registrations, Logins & players Staying. All Ive seen is maybe 10 more players login this week if that, they all logged off immediately afterwards.

At this point I have no idea what to do. I feel like I've gave the game new Life and a new chance over the past 6 months of Updates & time, while working 50+ hours a week at my actual job in real life. I have no idea what to do with the game now. Nobody wants anything to do with FS except the players that are here right now and even then a good portion of them have been leaving month by month slowly.

At this point I don't think its worth it to continue updates or put more time & energy & money into the game as it is Failing. People are Leaving rather than staying with these updates and no Advertising is not helping at all.

What do you think I should do now?

At this point im logging off of FS for tonight and will read comments tomorrow, if there are Any at all...

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Perfecting the game one day at a time.

Panod [~Few~]: I must say that it's an addictive little game you have here Vexx... twice I've been clumsy, got killed with most of my stuff on me, quit the game and the next day I'm back here again...

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2018/06/22 07:02:55

People come and people go, I know for a fact that people like me only stay if the game has a future. I left for a time to let the game develop a little and now that it has I love it even more. But if the game is not developing like Syrnia then people will leave. Syrnia got handed down to another player and is now being developed again but Ive already spent about 3k hours on each of the game.

Can you look at yearly analytics, like, is this time of the year just slow or has it been a steady dropoff for a while?

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2018/06/22 07:48:54

Its deff a tough one to put work into something and see no returns.

Thing is, we knew it would be a titanic struggle to get the game back on track after almost a year of no updates.

Its possible that new blood will come in time, its also possible that the games on a downhill slide, only you will know if you want to put the effort in to try and find out

Shadow Gem
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2018/06/22 13:30:04

I would hate to see you quit while you are ahead mate.

It may not seem like it now, but you really are ahead of where you were about 4 months ago. In that time you have managed to make a lot of the much needed "clean up" that drove many players away in the first place. The UI feels much better than it did before and the additions of images has been great.

You now have much better "bones" to work with in order to develop the game and its skills, so rather than "give up" seems like its time to add the meat that keeps players hungry and active....personalized dungeon crawls, group boss kills, pvp, tasks/quest systems that lead to rare finds and/or achievements beyond the current "you have gathered x items achievements", community/guild events, unique purpose to skills aka lockpicking levels open access to dungeons, skill additions such as magic,, unlock of mini games that skillers could challenge each other to if they dont like pvp but wanna be competitive, community games, quests, or tasks hosted in world regularly...I could go on and and on but in short reasons for players to work together, and talk together daily and game goals beyond level and xp would spice things up and breathe life into chat worlds so when new players join or old ones return..the game is active with chat and activities.

Without the above "flesh" added to the bones of the game, players find themselves doing repetitive activities which eventually leads to boredom and that imo is what returning players would be looking for and what would keep new players more interested. If you log into an environment that lacks world chatter, have no goals beyond levels and xp and getting the same items over and over again to make the same things over and over again..eventually the "fun" burns out and players will move on to find a new place to scratch that itch. Games need constant updating, or they become outdated.

So now that you have much better bones to work with, seems to me like it would be a great time to get creative rather than give up on your hard work and develop the game play, as you continue to tweak the UI to capitalize on advertising and the momentum of returning and new players. If you give up now, it would be a shame.

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2018/06/22 14:15:06

Vexx I will stay with the game i love it and dont want you to quit now.

Most people dev habits in the real world, and its vacation time for a lot of folks.

some of the things you have done turn away a lot of folks like you trying reduce # of coins in the game by making player and guilds to by land plots ,change timer scrolls and exp scrolls from 12 hrs to 1 hr, i know why you did it just to many in the game. also changing seed drops in all skills. now i thank thats back to were it was before.

Neg change is not good for the game if its all done in a mo time, thats why i think some of them left.

by the way your game shop will not load up, at lease not for me.


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2018/06/22 14:32:34

Also you change speed form 50 to 100 people work so hard to get to 50 in speed i bet we lost 50 players in that move. POS change is good NEG chane that effects players is not.

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2018/06/22 20:40:18


POS change
1. get rid of items that had no use (done)
2, icons for all items in the game. (done)
3. WHAT needs to be dome some day before any other updates
3a finish pets
3b if you are going to have magic do it


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2018/07/04 13:24:12

Hi Vexx - as a returning player, I was pleased to receive the FS email and here I am. This is unique type of game that most likely appeals to a fewer people than other types of games. After discovering I need about 2.5 million to buy back my houses and guild storage, I was less than pleased, but here I am trying to figure you how to make that money.

Why are you working so hard? Is if for money? Is it because you love doing this? If you need money, I'm not sure how to help. If you love doing this, then ignore the bad and whiny comments. Just do what you do and keep moving forward.

Ignore the players - we're fickle and whiny. Do you know how many apps I play? Too many. Why? Because I'm fickle and easily bored. I have to paint my house, yet here I am.

Take care of yourself - i.e. don't let the stress and worry consume you as this will directly affect your health (duh, right?). But of course don't listen to me as I am fickle and whiny. ;)

I'm back and here to bug you again. Keep up the good work and only do this for you.

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2018/07/04 13:36:59

Hi Vexx

I'm here I've been here and will stay, even though the guild has shrunk just 3 or 4 active players. There is plenty to do and learn here. The changes have been good so far, no I wasn't happy to see scrolls drop to 1 hour but it made sense to me.
I'm sure part of the exodus is people wanting real characters to move around, based on what I've heard, and the people that login in and immediately leave are people that don't know what 'text-based' means, i've seen it in all the games of this type and I play quite a few of them.
As an earlier poster said you have decide what is important to you about this; The Game, The Money, something else. If the expense in and of itself is too much then I get it, and for some of us there is only so much we can do to help.
I hope you can keep the game going.

Sherlockciama aka Bob

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2018/07/07 11:36:56

I really like the holidays here much better than other games also the events that get set off.
Keep up the good work:)

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