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2018/10/08 12:27:42

Hey, how do I travel around the islands without taking a scenic hike? It's been a while since I last logged in and all I can do is Hike and end up at different islands

Trang Oul
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2018/11/15 12:41:07

If you're in the right location (e.g. Port Witchlyn), there are travel actions displayed under the map (e.g. "Sail to Winterport").

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2018/11/15 12:52:04

At every location you are at there is a Map on the left hand side of the screen. What is this for? The Map is there so you can move from location to location. You basically click the appropriate spot on the 'road' or general direction of the next town and you will start moving.

More information that you might find useful here (the manual) - https://www.fallen-sanctum.com/manual.php?p=getting_started

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