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2018/11/14 19:16:24


I would like to see 'fixed' voting system (Vote for Fallen Sanctum). Many links are setup in a wrong manner (no voting link/no game selected) or are not working at all. This is crucial for new players to collect some neat rewards and for the game to advertise even a bit somewhere (as far as I know, this is game is not advertised anywhere besides those links,right?)

Today we have this voting list :

1.Vote now at BrowserGameList - not working
2.a link below it - ([..] Reward - 1000 [...]) - wrong setup, opens general page.
3. 50 Coins Maybe [..] - all ok
4. all ok
5. MMORPG / MPOG Top 200 - Free and Paid Online Games (No Reward) - not working
6. all ok
7.all ok
8. all ok
9.eTopGames (No Reward) - wrong setup, opens general page.
10. http://www.topwebgames.com/ (1000 Invasion Points) - not working
11. all ok, although the votes do not go trough by my view
12.all ok


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